CHAOS, A FRIEND. part ii

It wasn’t particularly surprising to Olli that Trevor might have once been involved in something like this. She had been to NA meetings with him, after all, and people confess all kinds of things there.

The woman was still standing in the doorway. She shifted her weight, hoisted the bag with the dog further up on her shoulder.

“So?” She said, glancing around. Impatient, paranoid.

Trevor let out a long, slow breath before looking up again. “So,” he said. “Sit down. Tell me more.”

The woman looked over at Olli. Looked down at her dog. Then she nodded. Let the dog loose from the tote.

“My name isn’t actually Grace, but that’s what you can call me.”

As Grace talked, Olli beaded a necklace.

The most interesting part of it all was who Grace wanted dead. Olli had guessed maybe an abusive boyfriend, an ex-husband.

It wasn’t that, though.

“Her name is Bea. She’s a friend,” Grace said.

Trevor barked out a dark laugh. “Some friend you are.”

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